jABC. a framework for process modeling

Java Application Building Center



Welcome to the website of the Java Application Building Center or short jABC, a multi-purpose modular framework for modeling arbitrary complex software systems.

The jABC Framework is a redevelopment of the Agent Building Center (ABC), which has been developed since the early 1993. The new system takes advantage of the enhancements in the field of programming languages and libraries. Based on Java, the new jABC is a symbiosis of a commercial product and an experimental platform for our students.

The system is characterized by the usage of a graphical high-level programming layer. On this layer hierarchical models are composed by components, the so-called SIBs. On this abstract level no classical programming skill are required. The jABC framework plugins define different semantics for the models.


The domains currently in our focus are

Site Overview

jABC is a framework that is built to be extended and enhanced by plugins. The plugins pages present the basic plugins that are common for all jABC applications. Furthermore, there exist jABC products, which comprise a collection of plugins, service libraries and example projects assembled to be used within a specific domain of application. Those products usually are part of bigger research projects, such as LearnLib, Bio-jETI or PROPHETS.

In the resources section you find the user manual, community portals (like bugtracker and wikis) and additional documentation. If you are interested in the technical and theoretical background of jABC, refer to the concepts pages or the references.