Bio-jETI. a framework for bioinformatics workflows


Bio-jETI (client and server) as well as the example projects and libraries are available free of charge for all academic uses. Please contact us if you wish to use Bio-jETI in other areas.

Bio-jETI client

The Bio-jETI framework uses the jABC as user interface on the client side. As of jABC release 3.8.5 (September 28th, 2011), the Bio-jETI client is freely available for download from this site:

The software is implemented in Java and requires a recent Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Bio-jETI server

Software and instructions for setting up your own (Bio-)jETI server are available upon request.


We provide a selection of Bio-jETI projects for download on this site. Each of these projects contains a library of workflow building blocks (called SIBs) for particular functionality and some example workflows that demonstrate their use. The examples are provided as .zip archives of the respective Bio-jETI projects. Simply unzip the .zip archive and load it into the jABC as a new project (Project -> New Project, then select the project directory) to use them.

The following examples are currently available for direct download:

Further (currently developed and/or experimental) SIB collections and projects for specific applications exist and can be provided on request, please feel free to contact us!